15" All terrain 7.5kHz

CoinRelic 15" coiltek
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15" All Terrain X-TERRA

EXCLUSIVE TO COILTEK MANUFACTURING!!! The new – Minelab approved 15" ALL TERRAIN X-TERRA 3kHz, 7.5kHz & 18.75kHz

We are the only global after market manufacturer of fully approved Minelab X-TERRA coils utilising the VFLEX technology. This fully waterproof coil has excellent depth capabilities, pinpointing easily with the tip of the coil or using the pinpoint function on the detector. The 15" X-TERRA has a new design and is available in all 3 frequencies – punching deep into the ground and giving great overall performance no matter what the terrain.

For coil to X-TERRA detector compatibility please see the chart below.

Size: 370mm
Weight: 740g / 26.1oz

Randy Horton is an expert on the X-TERRA machines and has provided us with a test report on the first release of the X-TERRA coils performance click here to read his review.

Coil specifications

  • 15" X-TERRA coil in 3kHz is suited to low mineralised areas, great for extra depth
  • 15" X-TERRA coil in 7.5kHz is the perfect all-rounder
  • 15" X-TERRA coil 18.75kHz is your choice for sensitivity and great gold hunting.
  • All 15" X-TERRA coils frequencies are fully waterproof
  • 6” in 3kHz is excellent for high trash and high conductive targets
  • Lightweight with a robust construction
  • Easy pinpointing
  • DD configuration Good stability and sensitivity
  • All coils include cable All coils supplied with fitted skid plate
  • All coils supplied with fitted skid plate

Compatibility of new X-TERRA Coils

15" 3kHz low frequency and 6" 3 kHz low frequency coils are only compatible with the below Minelab X-TERRA detectors

Compatible Metal Detectors:

  • X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack
  • X-TERRA 505
  • X-TERRA 705
  • X-TERRA 70

15" 7.5 kHz medium frequency coil is compatible with all Minelab X-TERRA detectors.

Compatible Metal Detectors:

  • X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack
  • X-TERRA 505
  • X-TERRA 705
  • X-TERRA 70

15" 18.75 kHz is compatible with all Minelab X-TERRA detector models (except for the X-TERRA 30)

Compatible Metal Detectors:

  • X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack
  • X-TERRA 705
  • X-TERRA 505
  • X-TERRA 305
  • X-TERRA 70
  • X-TERRA 50
  • X-TERRA 30

Read The Searcher's Field Test Result

Thanks to The Searcher thesearcher.co.uk for this story

When I heard Coiltek were going to release an after market coil for the X-Terra range, I crossed my fingers it would be a monster. I wasn't disappointed! The new coil is 4" larger than the previous largest available, filling an empty niche in the X-terra coil range.

Out of the box I instantly recognised the new coil as a WOT coil (Wonderful Orange Thing!), with the same specifications I'd previously used first with Sovereign and later with the Explorer range. Like all the previous WOT coils, this one is totally waterproof and is happy to be dunked in deep water. It is solidly built and will take years of (ab)use in the harshest of environments.


Coil & Relic Coils
6" Digger DD yes yes excellent fair parks/fields low
15" All Terrain X-TERRA DD yes yes good excellent parks/fields/beaches low

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