Countermine Detectors

Minelab has developed its unique and patented metal detector technology for application in humanitarian demining, UXO clearance and countermine operations.

Our design philosophy emphasises consistent detection capability in all soil conditions, simplicity of use and operator safety. From the versatile F3 to the sophisitcated STMR Array – Minelab has the right solution for your needs.

Product Range


The F3 incorporates all the features of Minelab’s unique, proven and highly renowned Multi Period Sensing technology into Minelab’s new BIPOLAR technology.

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The F3 UXO is a detector suitable for UXO detection and battle area clearance operations.

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F3 Compact

A compact detector with full performance.

The F3 Compact incorporates all of the capabilities of the proven standard F3 detector but uses a new mechanical platform that greatly reduces the packed volume and weight of the equipment.

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F3Ci Minedetector

More than a mine detector…

helping to defeat  “improvised” threats

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STMR Array

The Single Transmit Multiple Receive Array is a vehicle mounted system that provides a reliable, effective and efficient means of detecting mines. It combines the advantages of Minelab’s Multi Period Sensing and BiPOLAR technology, making it ideally suited for widespread applications in route clearance.

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