STMR Mine Detector Array

STMR array
STMR arraySTMR arraySTMR arraySTMR arraySTMR arraySTMR array
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The Single Transmit Multiple Receive Array is a vehicle mounted system that provides a reliable, effective and efficient means of detecting mines. It combines the advantages of Minelab's Multi Period Sensing and BiPOLAR technology, making it ideally suited for widespread applications in route clearance.

STMR can be deployed as a stand-alone system, or integrated with other detection technologies to include ground penetrating radar and thermal imagery. Ethernet communications permit rapid transfer of data.


  • Sensitivity unaffected by vehicle vibration, rain or mineralised content of ground reduces susceptibility to external electromagnetic interference.
  • Windows based software for display of target data to operator modular design permits fast and uncomplicated repair
  • Minimises risk of initiating magnetic influence mines
  • Configurable to suit customer requirements
  • Consistent sensitivity across width of sensor head
  • Uniform transmission field
  • Improved target resolution


Technology Time domain electromagnetic induction (Multi Period Sensing - BiPOLAR)
Major Components
  • Sensor Head housing (complete with mounting points and Transmit Coil
  • Control Box
  • Cables
  • Display Software
Sensor Head

Dims: Approx 1800x400x300mm or 3200x40x300mm

Weight: Approx 17kg (1800 wide unit) or 32kg (3200 wide unit)

Dims: 400x280x30mm (outside dims) per housing

Rx Coils Weight: 1.26kg per housing (includes 2 mono-loop coils with
common cable and connector)
Material: ABS Rx Coil housing with foam inserts
Control Box Dims: Approx 535x500x350mm - 6U Mil Spec enclosure
Weight: Approx 25kg
Cables Max length: 6m (Coil to Control Box)
  Functional Characteristics
Power 24VDC @ 5A (max)
Transmit Power 450V @ 15A (peak)
Coil Configuration STMR: Single flat panel array comprising integral Tx Coil and
multiple mono-loop Rx Coils
Data Link 100 MB/s Ethernet to host PC or any system capable of
TCP/IP communication
Modular Fast, simple field replacement of major components
Data Acquisition and Processing
Data Filtering/Conditioning Selectable digital low-pass filters , Fast 10Hz (up to 15km/hr),Slow 3Hz (up to 5km/hr)
Ground Balance: Same technology as F1A4 (Multi Period
Sensing) using a linear model. Selectable modes: Off, Fixed
and Tracking
Noise Cancel: Searches +/- 3% about nominal operating
frequency for quietest operating point
Selectable AC, DC and Pseudo DC modes for drift
compensation and ground filtering
  • GPS: Updates data with NMEA time stamp every second (± 0.5mS), other times are interpolated based on sampling frequency
  • Latitude and Longitude can be added to data for reference,
  • updated every second (within 5-20m normal GPS, 1-3m DGPS)
  • Road Wheel: System has ability to interface to quadrature
  • encoder and include data in output streams (accessory)
Output Format Data packets output from Ethernet connection include:
Time stamp (hh:mm:ss)
- Distance (road wheel in mm)
- Status for each output slot
- 3 unprocessed data channels for each RxCoil (G, S C)
  • Operating: 10% - 90% RH
  • Storage: 0 - 100% RH
  • Operational: -10°C - +45°C (tested)
  • Operational limit: -30°C - +60°C (theoretical), protection by
    thermal shutdown
IP Rating IP65 (minimum) all components (exept cables when not
connected to mating receptacles
Detection Capabilities
Max Vehicle Speed (recommended) 15km/hr (currently limited by fastest filter and sampling rate)
Sampling at 200Hz above 15km/hr gives 2.1cm/sec resolution
Array Enclosure 50mm up to 1m above surface (dependent on mine threat)
Maximum Detection Depth Minimum Metal Anti-Personnel Mine Detonator (NVESD I0
Target): 220mm (below array)
Display Software
System MS Windows 2000/XP


Brochure Array (4907-0504).pdf (1.11 MB)