VFLEX uses state of the art digital electronics and signal processing to enhance conventional single frequency (VLF) metal detector technology. VFLEX provides increased detecting performance with perfect sine wave transmission, an in-coil signal booster and coil selectable transmit frequencies.

World’s First All-Digital Metal Detectors

VFLEX transforms conventional single frequency metal detection technology by including two microcontrollers (miniature computers), one inside the control box and one inside the coil. Every time the detector starts up, the microcontrollers establish communication via a digital data link. The coil microcontroller communicates the coil’s configuration, size and exact frequency, so the control box can generate a perfectly matched transmit signal. This significantly reduces distortion and increases Target ID accuracy.
sinewave X-Terra.


Perfect Sine Wave Transmission

VFLEX technology generates and transmits a perfect high quality sine wave, using the same technology that is found in high quality digital audio players, and is produced without distortion. The removal of distortion maximises power transmitted from the coil, therefore increasing detection depth and sensitivity. This also results in enhanced Target ID accuracy and greater immunity to both ground and environmental noise.
X-TERRA signalboost.


In-Coil Signal Booster

Weak target signals are amplified inside the coil, before the receive signal is sent up the coil cable where interference and signal loss can occur. This technique improves immunity to electrical noise by reducing false signals and increasing target signal strength, therefore improving detection depth and sensitivity.

Coil Selectable Transmit Frequencies

By changing the coil you can change the detector’s frequency, maximising sensitivity and depth for a wide range of target types and conditions. VFLEX gives you three frequencies to choose from: 3 kHz, 7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz.


Concentric 3kHz Low frequency for deep, large and/or high conductive targets, such as silver, copper, large gold rings and relics
Double D / Concentric 7.5kHz Medium frequency for all-round detecting, good sensitivity and detection depth for all target sizes
Double D / Concentric 18.75kHz High frequency is very sensitive and ideal for jewellery, fine chains and sub-gram gold nuggets